Thursday, February 8, 2007

Armed with the Word of God

Many Christians do not take the time to be in God's Word as they should. There are many who do not have any defined study or reading plan. My father was in the Korean War. As a marine who survived 2 separate invasions and many months living on enemy territory, he had to have protection. My father was a sniper, he carried a rifle. It was with him all the time. He knew how to use it and how to care for it. His care for it was a daily routine. It had to always be working for him or it was no use. You do not walk in , sleep in, or occupy the enemy's territory with out your gun. We as Christians occupy the enemy's territory. This world system is Satan's camp and we live in it. Jesus showed us in Matthew 4 how to survive in the enemy's camp. He sent the devil away using the Word of God. How much more do we need that Word in this day that we live? I pray to have a video out on this with an object lesson by the end of the month.

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