Friday, January 19, 2007

Paths to Destruction: Neglect is the biggest enemy

The Bible has been under major assault for ages and has survived to be the best seller of all times. It is God's Word and directs those truly seeking His counsel to salvation through Jesus. How do so many people reading the same word get so mis-directed? The answer is Satan. He has sowed tares into the good seed that the Master has sown. The result is something that looks like wheat, but is not. The Watch Tower(Jehovah's Witnesses), Mormons, and The Catholic Church have all become a forum to introduce error and false doctrine into the lives of people who need Jesus. The purpose of the Bible is to point people to Jesus. These groups point you to everything but Jesus or they diminish the person of Christ to the point of heresy. The Lord has spoken to me in prayer and through His Word on this subject for some time. I will be posting another video sharing this word by the end of January. Please be in prayer over these groups. Satan has blinded them to the person of Christ and the greatness of the Lord Jesus and His atoning work on the cross. They need the Lord. We also must pray for those that they have access and influence over as well. God's Word will survive the attacks, the distortions and the re-writes (new translations). What it cannot survive is neglect. Neglect is the biggest enemy and the one enemy that could bring God's Word to naught in the lives of those that Jesus died for.


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