Monday, January 1, 2007

Word On The Web

I have just published my latest video on Google videos. Perhaps a great deal of folk got shiny new computers and broad band Internet for Christmas. The number of daily hits has increased. I pray that the Word of God is having an impact on peoples lives and they are seeking to known Jesus.
I have had a few debates with folk over entering this domain to reach people with the message of the Gospel and to tell people of the love of Jesus. They are all for it but want to keep balance and also promote one on one witnessing. I am all for that, and so do. But we also need to consider every mission field and the www very much qualifies now. I do encourage any one who comes to know the salvation of the Lord Jesus to become actively involved in their local church and find fellowship with like believers in the word. In this effort, I have been blessed to obtain the domain to use and I hope to add most of my content through that site. I pray that the hand of the Lord be upon you.
Be Blessed

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